The path of finding my way

The path of finding my way

Today was the first day that I’ve started my journey on improving myself both physically and mentally. I felt like that I have talked about this for a long time. However, I lacked the discipline and the drive to reach this goal for one year. Due to the fact that I was morose  with my abilities. I wasn’t stronger, I wasn’t smarter, I wasn’t diligent, I viewed myself as a weak-willed and envious man throughout my first two years in college. This was the exact opposite of my goals. now. I had found hope from other men whom had been in the same situation like me. I have read and study their own posts like they are an artwork. They saw pride and self-respect for their own achievements without boasting about them. They were giving hope for other people to strive for greater things. Then, I decided to stop grieving over my failures because I was inspired that I can meet these goals like these men.  Now, I know that I can meet these goals myself without relying on some force to complete them. I’m the narrator of my tale.

So on May 31st 2017, I announced that I’m going on journey on improving myself both physically and mentally as well though a simple photo. The photo shown me in my Captain America shirt(I’m a bigger fan of Superman) to represent my first transformation from your average man into an extraordinary one. This is the first photo that I felt like I’m starting a whole new life, but in the same life. Its like resetting your save data in a Role-Playing game to start fresh again. And I will be writing about my save data each week. So I can write my feelings on the things that I’ve completed for each week covering my strengths and weaknesses. I will be writing about the goals that I’ve set for each week. Most importantly is how I learn from these experiences expressed into words. So stay tuned for the next couple days.



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