Captain’s Log(December 6th 2017): Future of the my blogs

I’ve been very quiet on my posts recently due to the fact that I was working on college. Now, my semester is coming to an end, I would continue to make more posts about my life, current events, and entertainment. Yes, I just said current event. I will make a separate site for my political and economic discussions. If you looking for my own opinions on the subject matter, then you will enjoy this site. For entertainment, I will primarily focus on Video Game reviews, Movie reviews, and more. I do plan to work on my review for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but I’m currently playing through it right now. So stay tuned for the review. I know this is a short captain’s log on my site, so I’ll recall my plans in a list down below here

  1. The Modern Conservative millennial(My political site will be created by the end of today)
  2. Schreviews (The entertainment site)
  3. The Autistic Life( The site discusses my autism, tips, and tricks on how to be successful as an autistic)

So you’re excited about the news of this growing site, then enter your email to receive updates on daily posts. So have a great day!


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