Autism 101: Social Interaction

To be honest, I love talking to people. I love to listen to other people’s viewpoints about the world including family, entertainment, and even politics(Yes I just said it). However, for people like me, it can be a bit troublesome. Especially, if we don’t interact with people that often. Why is that the case? Well, our brains’ structure is different than the normal brains. In fact, our brains are HUGE!!! Even more, than the normal brains.  Therefore, social interaction is a whole different ballpark game for autistics.

 They do not respond to many of the non-verbal forms of communication that many of us take for granted, like facial expressions, physical gestures and eye contact. They are often unable to understand and express their needs just as they are unable to interpret and understand the needs of others. This impairs their ability to share interests and activities with other people.

Throughout this month of February, I will discuss how to tackle the social enigma that we all have. What is the autistic social enigma? Well, It’s the five pillar of conquering social difficulties.

The five pillar list is

  1. Formulate 
  2. Observe 
  3. Approach
  4. Execute 
  5. Persevere

This pillar spells out FOAEP. I know it does sound like a programmer’s key term but its an abbreviation of the Five pillar. I’ll briefly summarize each one in this post. The first one called Formulate discusses how you should yourself for each day or event. Observe is when you analysis your surroundings including yourself. The approach is when you enter the situation and how you should behave.  Execute when you perform the right actions that you needed to succeed in the situation. Persevere is how you can continue to boost your motivation to be more socially competent.

*Note- I’ll discuss the five pillar of solving the social enigma for each pillar for the whole month of February.  So I include the links into this page to each pillar once they are completed.



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