Our Government’s not Santa Clause

To the millennials,

We are currently living in a time where our critical thinking skills are put to the test.  So far, we have not used them to its fullest. We are letting the shadows of the Socialistic influence consume our minds. We are being feed false lies from our so-called role models. Politicians, celebrities, and even our professors. I will not say their names, but I will say this. These people are supposed to lead by example. The people that we look up for advice and guidance. The people that we inspired to be.   Yet, some of them have become prey to the acts of socialism.  They believe that socialism can change our world greatly. They think that the government can save us from anything. They really believe the government can pull them out of 36 feet hole that they dug up themselves.  However, its execution of this practice speaks otherwise.  

The socialist experiments have proven to be a complete trainwreck to the U.S economy. The experiments of Socialism has made egregious scars in Uncle Sam’s mind and body. The unfunded liabilities of social security has raised to $12.5 trillion dollars.  Medicare is at $23 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And the best, the stimulus package of $800 billion projects that pulled us out of the 2008 financial crisis has caused more harm than good in the long run.  

This plan has cost us $4 million per job saved or created,” with 10% covering Medicare/Medicaid with 5% of it spent on infrastructure. Let these things sink in. With all of those tax dollars used on extremely flawed programs that need to be reformed. I understand that our president at the time had to face the crisis head-on. He acted out of fear and decided to fund the government programs; the so-call socialistic Santa Claus. He believed this package would drag those unfortunate Americans out of their debt by giving them benefits. He thought our hard-earned tax money will go out make an impact on people’s lives. However, it has awakened an unintended consequence. It made our generation take these benefits for granted.  They let this program be the major driving force in their lives. They began viewing labor as unrewarding to their own personal development. What happens to our diligent Americans?

I believe the answer to this tragic consequence is the government’s control our lives. This is the problem that we need to rectify. The solution is to use our common sense. We need the Americans who are not afraid of their peers’ opposing views. We as Americans is our job to use our free-will to tell our leaders that they need to stop wasting our tax money on programs that are damaging to our future generations. We need to apply our focus to sustainable and innovative programs. Let’s invest in the future that we can live as free-thinkers without the government directing our lives. Millennials, it’s time to apply our focus on the source of the problem by voicing our constructive solutions instead of giving into the government’s rule. Let’s rise up Americans, today’s a new era!



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