Author: Sean McMahon(The Tale Of Schmoney)

Our Government’s not Santa Clause

To the millennials,

We are currently living in a time where our critical thinking skills are put to the test.  So far, we have not used them to its fullest. We are letting the shadows of the Socialistic influence consume our minds. We are being feed false lies from our so-called role models. Politicians, celebrities, and even our professors. I will not say their names, but I will say this. These people are supposed to lead by example. The people that we look up for advice and guidance. The people that we inspired to be.   Yet, some of them have become prey to the acts of socialism.  They believe that socialism can change our world greatly. They think that the government can save us from anything. They really believe the government can pull them out of 36 feet hole that they dug up themselves.  However, its execution of this practice speaks otherwise.  

The socialist experiments have proven to be a complete trainwreck to the U.S economy. The experiments of Socialism has made egregious scars in Uncle Sam’s mind and body. The unfunded liabilities of social security has raised to $12.5 trillion dollars.  Medicare is at $23 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And the best, the stimulus package of $800 billion projects that pulled us out of the 2008 financial crisis has caused more harm than good in the long run.  

This plan has cost us $4 million per job saved or created,” with 10% covering Medicare/Medicaid with 5% of it spent on infrastructure. Let these things sink in. With all of those tax dollars used on extremely flawed programs that need to be reformed. I understand that our president at the time had to face the crisis head-on. He acted out of fear and decided to fund the government programs; the so-call socialistic Santa Claus. He believed this package would drag those unfortunate Americans out of their debt by giving them benefits. He thought our hard-earned tax money will go out make an impact on people’s lives. However, it has awakened an unintended consequence. It made our generation take these benefits for granted.  They let this program be the major driving force in their lives. They began viewing labor as unrewarding to their own personal development. What happens to our diligent Americans?

I believe the answer to this tragic consequence is the government’s control our lives. This is the problem that we need to rectify. The solution is to use our common sense. We need the Americans who are not afraid of their peers’ opposing views. We as Americans is our job to use our free-will to tell our leaders that they need to stop wasting our tax money on programs that are damaging to our future generations. We need to apply our focus to sustainable and innovative programs. Let’s invest in the future that we can live as free-thinkers without the government directing our lives. Millennials, it’s time to apply our focus on the source of the problem by voicing our constructive solutions instead of giving into the government’s rule. Let’s rise up Americans, today’s a new era!



Autism 101: Social Interaction

To be honest, I love talking to people. I love to listen to other people’s viewpoints about the world including family, entertainment, and even politics(Yes I just said it). However, for people like me, it can be a bit troublesome. Especially, if we don’t interact with people that often. Why is that the case? Well, our brains’ structure is different than the normal brains. In fact, our brains are HUGE!!! Even more, than the normal brains.  Therefore, social interaction is a whole different ballpark game for autistics.

 They do not respond to many of the non-verbal forms of communication that many of us take for granted, like facial expressions, physical gestures and eye contact. They are often unable to understand and express their needs just as they are unable to interpret and understand the needs of others. This impairs their ability to share interests and activities with other people.

Throughout this month of February, I will discuss how to tackle the social enigma that we all have. What is the autistic social enigma? Well, It’s the five pillar of conquering social difficulties.

The five pillar list is

  1. Formulate 
  2. Observe 
  3. Approach
  4. Execute 
  5. Persevere

This pillar spells out FOAEP. I know it does sound like a programmer’s key term but its an abbreviation of the Five pillar. I’ll briefly summarize each one in this post. The first one called Formulate discusses how you should yourself for each day or event. Observe is when you analysis your surroundings including yourself. The approach is when you enter the situation and how you should behave.  Execute when you perform the right actions that you needed to succeed in the situation. Persevere is how you can continue to boost your motivation to be more socially competent.

*Note- I’ll discuss the five pillar of solving the social enigma for each pillar for the whole month of February.  So I include the links into this page to each pillar once they are completed.


My Psychology Essay

Do people like to donate cash to charities that are sponsored by NFL Players

(The Patrick Peterson Foundation)

Observation Paper



You have the money to do whatever you want. You can invest the money in stocks, buy the luxuries that you’ve always wanted. Well, there is one thing that you can invest the money into. Why not invest them into charities that are worthy of a substantial donation from your wallet. The common consent that researchers have concluded is that people who donate money to charity are considered happier and healthy individuals than the norm. I would consider this as a positive thing for myself and the business. However, is this concept considered true?

However, due to recent events of the “taking a knee” during the national anthem and the dropping views; this event sparked my interest in finding the answer to it. Particularity I’m targeting at the Patrick Peterson Foundation which is run by Cardinal football player of the same name. So I’ve decided to do an observation study on the subject to determine if this is the case.


I will conduct my research at the Raising Cane’s on Val Vista which they are very prominent in charity work. The method that I will be using is surveying ten people at the restaurant.  I will be asking them six questions about the trustworthiness of the charity. The six questions are.

  1. Can your charity clearly communicate who they are and what they do?
  2. Can your charity define their short-term and long-term goals?
  3. Can your charity tell you the progress it has made (or is making) toward its goal?
  4. Do your charity’s programs make sense to you?
  5. Can you trust your charity?
  6. Are you willing to make a long-term commitment to your organizations?

*Please note these results on based on the Patrick Peterson charity event at the restaurant.


After surveying about 10 guests in the Raising Cane’s’ location, I found the results to be unsurprising. Nine of the ten guest responded yes to all six questions. So the idea of people being more happier while donating to charity is true to the idea. However, I have some intriguing responses that proven to be a driving force in this study. The most common response was that they would know if the charity is established and trustworthy.  This finding will lead up to further study for professionals on this topic.


Based on the results that I’ve received is that more people are happier when they donate their own money to charities. The study fully confirms that this idea is true. However, I only based these results off from ten people. Keep in mind, the answers from the six questions survey were based on a small percentage of the people in one result. So these results would be considered a sample study. It could of explore more into the idea if I included more people in the study. With that being, I did had these people respond with a full description of their reasoning with me. The most common response is based on the idea if they can trust the organization or not.  

The most influential part of this study is based on the idea if the donators can trust their charities or not. Horton (2015) stated that transparency plays a critical part of the charity’s public image. Since if the charity is more transparent and accountable, they are less likely to engage in unethical or irresponsible activities. Hence, the likeliness of earning donations from donors is very high.

Going back to the discussion point of if the “taking a knee” controversy has affected the guests’ opinion of donations.  Since I wanted to see if the controversy plays a role or not. However, I only surveyed ten random people in the restaurant, these results are not enough to prove that this event has made an effect or not. Based on the results, I’ve found that the controversy didn’t make a big splash that I initially predicted. So its seem that a good amount of people still donate money to charity. Only one said that they wouldn’t donate because they believe that foundation could be fraud because of they believe the players who do take a knee is anti-American. This is a ten-person study where I got this response. Yet, this element should be explored on a more professional level with more people to survey.

Also, this sample doesn’t target a specific group. What I meant by this is that I didn’t observe at specific details like gender, political ideology, and football fans. These details could of shift the concept into different angles. For example, your typical football fan will have a good chance that they’ve heard of Patrick Peterson versus non-fans. Also, the dropping viewership could play a major part into why a lot of people may not be informed about the NFL.  Therefore, these variables would of play more prominent in how people would normally respond to this charity.



Thompson, Derek. “Yes, NFL Viewership Is Down. No, It’s Not All Trump.” The Atlantic. n.p., Sep27,2017.Web.Dec12th,2017.<>.

Captain’s Log(December 6th 2017): Future of the my blogs

I’ve been very quiet on my posts recently due to the fact that I was working on college. Now, my semester is coming to an end, I would continue to make more posts about my life, current events, and entertainment. Yes, I just said current event. I will make a separate site for my political and economic discussions. If you looking for my own opinions on the subject matter, then you will enjoy this site. For entertainment, I will primarily focus on Video Game reviews, Movie reviews, and more. I do plan to work on my review for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but I’m currently playing through it right now. So stay tuned for the review. I know this is a short captain’s log on my site, so I’ll recall my plans in a list down below here

  1. The Modern Conservative millennial(My political site will be created by the end of today)
  2. Schreviews (The entertainment site)
  3. The Autistic Life( The site discusses my autism, tips, and tricks on how to be successful as an autistic)

So you’re excited about the news of this growing site, then enter your email to receive updates on daily posts. So have a great day!

Fry’s Anaylsis( Business Law essay)

Fry’s Marketplace analysis
I have conducted my research at Fry’s Marketplace located at 1845 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233. This store was a very intriguing trip because I was required to do this project and also I needed to buy groceries for my dinner. So it’s convenient to knock two birds with one stone. While I was on this trip, I have found some well-presented aspects of the store, but they are not in a good light. More like liabilities in the store which a majority of them fell under premises liability law. Some flaws ranging from minor issues to major issues. I shall start with the minor issues.
The minor issues were that I’ve noticed some dirty plastic boxes as I was observing the store. I investigated the boxes and noticed that they contained dead cockroaches and dirt in them. That thing that I found was that somebody spilled the beans if you know what I mean. I found someone has accidentally spilled jelly beans across the floors in the frozen section. I theorized that the possibility of a little child could of spilling the beans on the floor or an adult dropping the beans as they go. However, I’m not an employee at the store or have access to videotapes to replay the scenes that had occurred. So I could speculate on what happened.
The minor issues were just the icing on the cake, but they pale in comparison to the stranded half-full Red Bull can in the candy section(How appropriate because it contains sugar). I was appalled by it. I was thinking to myself, “what if a child decided to drink that and raise their heart rate to a high degree” or “they could catch the flu if it was drunk by an infected person”. So I’ve decided to informed the lady who works at the flower shop of the problem. Luckily she handled the problem professionally by throwing the can into the trash. That’s doesn’t stop there. Also, I’ve found a broken box of squished strawberries on the floor along with a zucchini on the floor. I was very shocked that I discovered that no employee show the mess in the store. However, that situation was quickly remedied when the employee decided to clean up the mess. I’m thankful that they clean up their mess, if that problem wasn’t fixed, they would have faced legal actions. What I meant by legal actions is that if one customer was to slip on the mess and injury themselves which its called premise liability. For example, that was a case when a woman slipped on a puddle of liquid soap and shattered her kneecap in a Costco store. According to the injured woman, multiple Costco employees already had passed by and ignored the spill. However, Costco denied all responsibility and the business did not offer to settle the lawsuit out of court, the jury ultimately agreed with the plaintiff saying that Costco was responsible for the slip and fall incident. Hence, the woman was awarded almost $90,000 for the related medical expense and $325,000 for pain and suffering. So history could repeat itself with Fry’s if they don’t clean up their act.
After I left this Fry’s location, I’ve decided to observe another Fry’s location which that location is 714 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85296. The reason behind why I’ve decided to go to another Fry’s because I wanted to compare the locations based on their cleanliness and organization. That store was the exact opposite of the location that I’ve visited. The store was very well-kept and organized thanks to the disciplined employees. I didn’t spot a single mess or dirty items in the store as I observe the store. Therefore, the Val Vista Store’s store is more presentable and professional as a whole.
In conclusion, I learned a lot from this experience when analysis the flaws of a grocery store from the legal aspect. Even, after analyzing both locations and declaring that store#a was the weaker one than store#b. By the end of the day, all of this observation is based on my own personal experience.


Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Today marks the end of week two of self-improvement of my own body and mind. This week consists more of writing my first movie review with Wonder Woman,  jogging, and door dashing. This week is been a solid one for me particularly my first movie review.

My review was a short and sweet summary of the film in my own words. Even the review could have been better if I talked more about the settings and its weaknesses.  The problem with me writing was that I was writing that post really late at 1:00 am. So I was in a weary state and I was more focused on getting the review done in time. So I might consider expanding that review at some point with spoilers included if you would like to read that. Overall, I loved the movie entirely and I have gained a lot more respect for the Wonder Woman character and Gal Gadot.

Other than writing about my first movie review, I’ve done a lot of deliveries through Doordash and Postmates. Since I wanted to expand my skill set and make some extra dough for my own benefit. By doing this task, I have learned a lot more about the interworkings of delivering entrees to guests instead of serving them at a dine-in restaurant. So far, I have completed over forty deliveries in the past two weeks and made over $300 in the process. I’m very likely to continue my journey through door dashing.

Also, I have set some goals in my second week as well.  I will list them here.

  1. Enroll in a Self-Defense course to improve my physical ability and cogitative ability.
  2. Read 50 to 100 pages of Infinite Jest and Read Chapter 2: Desire from Think and grow rich.
  3. Study further into improving my English speaking and writing skills.
  4. Study further in calculus and economics

Overall, I will continue to achieve these goals for my own benefit.

Wonder Woman(2017): The graceful warrior.

Wonder Woman(2017): The graceful warrior.


Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review written by Sean Owen McMahon

In my wildest dreams, I’ve never thought that the DC cinema universe would deliver a well-balanced film has a well-written story that isn’t dark and edgy like *cough Batman Vs Superman.  After I came out after watching Wonder Woman, I’m happy to report that Wonder Woman(Gal Gabot) has given us the DC film that we all wanted. It’s clear that I am not the only one to say that with ninety-one percent of critics has praised the film across the board from Rotten Tomatoes. Also, this film has become the highest grossest weekend for a film that is directed by a female director, Patty Jenkins. Even the news surfaced that some theaters only allow women to see the film without inviting men. Luckily in my case, being a heterosexual man I wasn’t kicked out. I had enough bringing the boring stuff, let’s talk about the film and well, Wonder Woman herself.


For the people, who never heard of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is the Princess of Themyscira who was created in  All Stars comics in October 1941 created by international famous psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston. He visioned the idea of psychological propaganda for the new type of woman should rule the world. The origin of the creation of Wonder Woman is an interesting development on how the character was created during the time when comics are still in its infancy. I couldn’t fit in the review, but I’ll have the link to the article if you’re interested in reading about the origins of the character.

The plot of the film involves the origin story on Diana Prince(Wonder Woman) played by Gal Gabot, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons played by Connie Nielsen. Diana grows up on the island of Themyscira, home to the Amazons, a race of warrior women created by the gods of Mount Olympus to protect humankind against the God of War’s corruption. Young Diana played by Lilly Aspell and Emily Carey is a free-spirited and rebellious, her loyalties split between two opposed parental figures. The left hand of Hippolyta wanted Diana to stay away from combat while Antiope(Robin Wright) wanted Diana to get exposure on learning on how to defend herself.

Throughout Diana’s childhood to Adulthood, she began to learn about her own powers and origins of her tribe. Particularly in one scene where she fights Antiope in a sparring session, she was getting pummeled. Until she used her signature indestructible bracelets to unleash an enormous blast that left an impact on Antiope in the process.  The blast had left an impact on Diana emotionally that would make her mother more concern on letting Diana continue training. Then, her life changed when she rescues Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine after his plane was destroyed by the Germans. Not for long for the Germans to find the island and attack the Amazonians in search of Steve Trevor. During the assault, Antiope sacrifices her life to save Diana by taking the bullet to the chest.


After the assault, the Amazonians blame the death of Antiope on Steve Trevor because they believed that he lead the Germans to attack them. They used their prejudice belief on how men are evil to conclude that Trevor is responsible for Antiope’s death. However, Diana knew that Trevor was innocent, but her sisters didn’t believe her words. Then, Steve was interrogated with the use of the Lasso of Truth and he revealed that he’s an Allied spy from the Great War(World War One) era. He stole a notebook from German scientist Doctor Maru and General Erich Ludendorff that contained a deadlier version of mustard gas that could possibly kill millions of innocent lives. Then, Diana convinced herself that the mastermind behind this great war was the God of War himself, Aries. So she decided to armor herself with the ceremonial sword and leaves Themyscira with Steve to find Aries before the world faces his wrath.


Well, that is the plot of the story, now we let’s talk about the characters themselves. First, with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. Since the announcement when she got cast as Wonder Woman, large numbers rash back against this decision of casting her. She was an unknown actress outside of the Fast and Furious Franchise and she has little acting experience. That was one of the most common complaints about her. Then, we got the taste of her being Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman and their audience believed that she has the potential to be an Excellent Wonder Woman. I was among of those fans who believe that we needed a feature film that showcases her ability to play Wonder Woman.  And if this the plan from D.C, they definitely made the right choice of casting Gadot because she rocks the role of Wonder Woman.

Gadot wonderfully inhabits the mix of curiosity, sincerity, badassery, and compassion that Wonder Woman’s character has established. Most importantly, she wears her suit, the suit doesn’t wear her. She evokes a classic heroism that is a breath of fresh air that is similar to Christopher Reeve’s approach to Superman from the 1970s. It’s like that I don’t see Gal Gabot trying to be Wonder Woman, I see Wonder Woman. Which its a good idea that she worked very hard to get the characterization of Wonder Woman. She showed off her charismatic attitude in every scene that she’s in, even she may come as naive to the 1910s London in the World War One.  Especially, her curiosity in learning how her world of man is much different from her world where it doesn’t have any men that inhabit there.

When we have a young, inexperienced Diana, who is completely inadvertent to the outside, it’s a good idea to bring in a man who is more familiar with the outside to help guide Diana though World War One. No one else can fit this role of Steve Trevor other than Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine. Chris Pine’s performance works off Gadot’s perfectly by becoming the man who is “not all men” category. He’s more than capable of bringing an emotional complexity to a character most aptly described as a dude-in-distress. There are particularly great scenes at the beginning, as Diana talks about men being unnecessary for female pleasure. Steve seems undone by her presence, which makes the development of their story authentic. Their chemistry is electrifying, making “Wonder Woman” a successful romance that helps drive Diana’s character development into becoming the Wonder Woman by the end of the film.


“Wonder Woman” is arguably among the best superhero movies that we have gotten so far. Despite the film has its flaws like the villains’ development and how they felt are an afterthought. However, the film far exceeds in the narrative, performance, and the message behind it. I would rate this film a nine out of ten(9/10), it’s a wonderful superhero film that could give Marvel the run for their money if Warner Bros/DC Comics stay with this tone for the Justice League and the future films after it. Oh please, Zack Synder and Joss Whedon, give the Justice League the justice that the superheroes deserve. Wonder Woman is the first step in the right direction.