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Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Today marks the end of week two of self-improvement of my own body and mind. This week consists more of writing my first movie review with Wonder Woman,  jogging, and door dashing. This week is been a solid one for me particularly my first movie review.

My review was a short and sweet summary of the film in my own words. Even the review could have been better if I talked more about the settings and its weaknesses.  The problem with me writing was that I was writing that post really late at 1:00 am. So I was in a weary state and I was more focused on getting the review done in time. So I might consider expanding that review at some point with spoilers included if you would like to read that. Overall, I loved the movie entirely and I have gained a lot more respect for the Wonder Woman character and Gal Gadot.

Other than writing about my first movie review, I’ve done a lot of deliveries through Doordash and Postmates. Since I wanted to expand my skill set and make some extra dough for my own benefit. By doing this task, I have learned a lot more about the interworkings of delivering entrees to guests instead of serving them at a dine-in restaurant. So far, I have completed over forty deliveries in the past two weeks and made over $300 in the process. I’m very likely to continue my journey through door dashing.

Also, I have set some goals in my second week as well.  I will list them here.

  1. Enroll in a Self-Defense course to improve my physical ability and cogitative ability.
  2. Read 50 to 100 pages of Infinite Jest and Read Chapter 2: Desire from Think and grow rich.
  3. Study further into improving my English speaking and writing skills.
  4. Study further in calculus and economics

Overall, I will continue to achieve these goals for my own benefit.

The path of finding my way

The path of finding my way

Today was the first day that I’ve started my journey on improving myself both physically and mentally. I felt like that I have talked about this for a long time. However, I lacked the discipline and the drive to reach this goal for one year. Due to the fact that I was morose  with my abilities. I wasn’t stronger, I wasn’t smarter, I wasn’t diligent, I viewed myself as a weak-willed and envious man throughout my first two years in college. This was the exact opposite of my goals. now. I had found hope from other men whom had been in the same situation like me. I have read and study their own posts like they are an artwork. They saw pride and self-respect for their own achievements without boasting about them. They were giving hope for other people to strive for greater things. Then, I decided to stop grieving over my failures because I was inspired that I can meet these goals like these men.  Now, I know that I can meet these goals myself without relying on some force to complete them. I’m the narrator of my tale.

So on May 31st 2017, I announced that I’m going on journey on improving myself both physically and mentally as well though a simple photo. The photo shown me in my Captain America shirt(I’m a bigger fan of Superman) to represent my first transformation from your average man into an extraordinary one. This is the first photo that I felt like I’m starting a whole new life, but in the same life. Its like resetting your save data in a Role-Playing game to start fresh again. And I will be writing about my save data each week. So I can write my feelings on the things that I’ve completed for each week covering my strengths and weaknesses. I will be writing about the goals that I’ve set for each week. Most importantly is how I learn from these experiences expressed into words. So stay tuned for the next couple days.