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Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Today marks the end of week two of self-improvement of my own body and mind. This week consists more of writing my first movie review with Wonder Woman,  jogging, and door dashing. This week is been a solid one for me particularly my first movie review.

My review was a short and sweet summary of the film in my own words. Even the review could have been better if I talked more about the settings and its weaknesses.  The problem with me writing was that I was writing that post really late at 1:00 am. So I was in a weary state and I was more focused on getting the review done in time. So I might consider expanding that review at some point with spoilers included if you would like to read that. Overall, I loved the movie entirely and I have gained a lot more respect for the Wonder Woman character and Gal Gadot.

Other than writing about my first movie review, I’ve done a lot of deliveries through Doordash and Postmates. Since I wanted to expand my skill set and make some extra dough for my own benefit. By doing this task, I have learned a lot more about the interworkings of delivering entrees to guests instead of serving them at a dine-in restaurant. So far, I have completed over forty deliveries in the past two weeks and made over $300 in the process. I’m very likely to continue my journey through door dashing.

Also, I have set some goals in my second week as well.  I will list them here.

  1. Enroll in a Self-Defense course to improve my physical ability and cogitative ability.
  2. Read 50 to 100 pages of Infinite Jest and Read Chapter 2: Desire from Think and grow rich.
  3. Study further into improving my English speaking and writing skills.
  4. Study further in calculus and economics

Overall, I will continue to achieve these goals for my own benefit.